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Not all addictions are bad

I’m fairly certain I’ve become addicted to Earl Grey tea. A little under a month ago I ran out, and have been slowly drinking my way through the chai left in the tea cabinet as a substitute. My house is very well-stocked tea-wise, but I am partial to black teas, and we’re out of most of those from other Earl Grey shortages. Well, except for the orange pekoe. I’d rather go without tea altogether than drink orange pekoe.

So anyways, yesterday the chai ran out. This morning I went off to Spanish class without any tea at all, and I know anyone reading this is probably getting annoyed at me by now. I mean, with all the people starving in the world, I’m complaining about not having tea before school. But it’s important to me, gosh darn it!(As a side note, I find the phrase “gosh darn it” inherently funny. It makes me think of dubbing over curse words, and for some reason I always imagine how Steppenwolf’s song The Pusher might be re-dubbed: “Gosh darn the pusher, gosh darn I say the pusher, I said gosh darn, gosh darn the pusher.” I have an oddly unfunny sense of humour.)

And what makes going without tea even worse is that I have friends who will guiltlessly tell me about all the tea they’re drinking, and of course they haven’t figured out how to teleport themselves yet, let alone tea, so I suffer. And they laugh at me. (You know who you are.) And even my Spanish class friend, who can’t drink tea right now because she can’t have caffeine for a while, does not share my pain. She manages to be perfectly happy drinking root beer and sprite, and I am in awe of her ability to not mind.

So my mum was awesome tonight and bought a big box of Earl Grey. I got it home and as I took the plastic off the box, the lovely scent of bergamot drifted out and I was instantly completely happy. For a moment. Then I said to myself “You have a problem. You are clearly addicted to Earl Grey.” Then I decided I didn’t care, and started the kettle.

10 minutes left.