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Zombie Punk

So I have a t-shirt obsession. Not a boring “I need to own a t-shirt for every musician/movie/tv show/etc I love” sort of thing, but a “Yay, cutting up t-shirts is fun” mentality. And I am currently making my very own zombie punk t-shirt dress.

Now before you get all excited, I do not mean to imply that there is a subculture of post-Twilight hipsters allowing their significant others to aim for their head(though that is something I would pay to see). “Zombie” and “Punk” are separate descriptors. The zombie comes from this kerchief that I’ve had for ages now. It’s from a movie my dad was in, and he gave to me. The movie’s title? Redneck Zombies. Yes dad, I am broadcasting that you were in this movie to the 3 people who actually read this. Don’t worry, mum already knew about it. But yes, this kerchief has become part of the dress. Also, I have a t-shirt transfer that says “Got Brains?” which really is perfect for this.

Punk is harder to describe, but trust me on this. Zombies combined with punk cannot go wrong. Hopefully my dress will be finished tonight and then be prepared for awesome pictures.

17 minutes left.

UPDATE: Pictures!

So the pictures came out really blurry and a bit low quality, but here is the dress! The “Got Brains?” transfer completely failed, and fell apart as soon as the iron touched it. I might put something else on, might not, but for now, I give you zombie punk.