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I win! (Blog Race)

So, I am very bad at writing blog posts consistently. Very, very bad. Looking back on previous ones discourages me, because I am my own worst critic. I have a friend, let’s call him John, who is also very bad at updating his blog. We just agreed to have our next entry up in a half hour. He has a head start. I am just typing whatever comes into my head. I will so win.

So this is my first blog entry of 2010. Doesn’t really seem all that special. I expect interesting things to happen in 2010, but 2009 taught me that the interesting things aren’t the ones you want to have happen. I much prefer living in the past. It’s safer. I know what’s going to happen when, and I don’t have to make any more decisions about it. 2010 is scary. I have my first ever non-open mic performance of my own songs, I’m moving…somewhere, I’m doing…who knows what? Let’s go back to 2002. I enjoyed Pokémon non-ironically then. I had a friend in the neighborhood, and I would go over to his house and we would play with his Pokémon figurines. As far as I remember, the only thing we ever talked about was Pokémon. I didn’t know anything else about him. Yay for simple, uncomplicated friendships.

There are 18 minutes before I am required to post, and so far I feel happier with what I’ve written here than any of my other entries. Thank you Amanda Palmer, for showing me that blogs do not have to be in essay format. Yes, you probably have to be famous to get people to read blog posts like this, and be liked to get people to care, but to quote Emilie Autumn, it’s not about you. It’s about me.