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Evil, evil t-shirt transfers

So last night I learned never to follow the directions on pre-made t-shirt transfers. Most likely I will never get one again, either, but just in case I do, remind me that the instructions lie.

First I had the disastrous “Got Brains?” transfer failure on my zombie dress the night before. Not only did it not attach to the t-shirt, it tore in the process, and I was able to see that the parts were supposed to be black were really awful, small spots of grey on this yellowish white. If it had stuck, it would have looked awful. Fortunately, the dress was safe, and the attempt to put the transfer on did not leave a mark.

Yesterday I went with my mum to see if I could exchange the transfer for another. They said yes, so we went back to pick one. Their t-shirt section has really gotten horrible. The only transfers that were the same size and therefore the same price were for baby clothes, and though I regularly claim I’m five, I try to dress older than that. I mean, I never would have gotten my job if they suspected. We decided to get one of the few transfers that were aimed for people who do not approve of the bastardisation of the AC/DC logo and pay the difference.

I then spent 2 hours trying to get the transfer to stick. The instructions said to use a dry iron on the wool setting and press for 60 seconds. LIES! Half of the design I ended up peeling off the plastic, doing my best to arrange it on the shirt I was working on, and pressing it directly. The other half we managed to get with the iron on a linen setting, with steam, for longer than 60 seconds. I hate pre-made t-shirt transfers. Hate, hate, HATE. The whole ordeal took longer than it would for me to design my own and apply it. So if anyone feels nice towards me and wants to get me another t-shirt transfer, please just get the plain transfer paper used to design your own. Or, if you’re feeling nice and wealthy, the iron on foil.

Rant over. Thank you for letting me vent.

9 minutes left.