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This was actually probably the most normal thing to happen to me at high school

So as proof that I do actually intend to update this blog, we have a post today! As proof of my laziness, it consists of something I wrote when I was 13. What follows is the first essay I was assigned in high school. I was supposed to write about my first week of school. I wrote about a sleeping bag instead.


My biggest challenge during my first week at school was figuring out what to do with the sleeping bag in my locker. For the first four days of school, I had no time to find my locker, and would carry my cello around to all of my classes. On Friday, I sacrificed the first fifteen minutes of my lunch period to find it. It was one of the music lockers, big enough to fit my cello as well as my backpack. Once I got the locker opened, I was mildly surprised to see a green sleeping bag in it. I could not help wondering whether there are beds in the bigger lockers around the corner.

What was this sleeping bag’s use? Who put it here? Did the previous owner climb into the large locker during lunch and go to sleep? Or maybe he had a well-behaved cat that he liked to bring to school. Or did he bring it to class on cold days?

What could this sleeping bag signify? It could be there to remind anyone who happened to catch a glimpse of it that there is such a thing as sleep. The fact that it’s green seems strange to me. Most of the sleeping bags that I have seen are either red, blue, or have pictures of cartoon characters on them. The color green often symbolizes life, but here that feels contradictory, as sleep has so often been compared to death in books and movies. The common phrase, “you’re looking a little green”, suggests that green symbolizes feeling sick. I don’t even want to think about that.

The sleeping bag could be in my locker to create a hideaway, a place to go when the owner couldn’t handle going to class. The teachers must have gotten extremely frustrated when a student who had been present in earlier classes disappeared without a trace, but then showed up later in the day when there was free food at the art gallery. Maybe the previous owner would stay late after school in his locker, doing homework and reading in there.

The sleeping bag was neatly wrapped up. Maybe the previous owner left it on purpose for the next owner of the locker, me. Maybe the sleeping bag is the tradition of locker #131, handed down through generations of students.
Of course, that left me with the decision of what to do with it. I could take it home, never mind the fact that my bed already has most of the blankets in my house on it. There is no such thing as ‘too many blankets’. Or I could put it in the locker next to mine when the owner of that locker wasn’t looking. But it is always possible that that person already has a sleeping bag in her locker, too. My teachers and parents would probably say I should turn it in to lost-and-found, but if the previous owner has graduated, it would just sit there, just as it would if I left it in my locker and continued the tradition of locker #131.

As I stared at the sleeping bag, I realized I was starving. Maybe I would let the next person who gets locker #131 deal with it. Meanwhile, I guess I will always have a place to catch up on some sleep. I just have to find somewhere to put my backpack and cello.


Guster the Mime Sheep

So I’ve been putting this off and putting this off, thinking “I don’t have anything to write about” when tonight I finally yelled at myself. I mean, that was the entire point of the timer in the first place. To get me to write when I have nothing to say. I’m thinking about making myself do this daily, but my brain may explode in an effort to save itself. My brain is extremely lazy.

So, I’m going to talk about Guster the mime sheep. Guster is not very good at being a mime, as sheep have considerably less flexibility(and possibly fewer facial expressions, I’m not sure. I’ve never hung out with a sheep for very long.) than humans. The other mimes give him a lot of trouble for this. In rebellion to these mime bullies, Guster refuses to wear a beret. Ever. Do not suggest that he’s not really a mime because he doesn’t have a beret because he will get very, very mad at you. When he absolutely must wear a hat, he wears a top hat. Here is Guster:


The mime eyes are shamelessly stolen from this Calvin and Hobbes strip. Despite his mediocrity as a mime, Guster seems to have a knack for witnessing murders. Because of his dedication to his craft(as well as the fact that he is a sheep), he has difficulty communicating the killer’s identity to the police. He used to get into all sorts of trouble because of this, oftentimes being suspected as the murderer. Fortunately, he eventually befriended Bernard, the psychic duck. Bernard’s psychic energies make taking pictures of him distorted(it’s not that I can’t draw ducks, I swear), but if you think of a bath toy, you’ll be on the right track. Thinking of ducks helps too.

That is all of Guster and Bernard for today. Stay tuned for the riveting case of the murder of the rather average frog by the penguin nuns. Bernard is out of town buying blankets. Can Guster prove his innocence? If he’s put to death for it, will the blankets be worth it? These questions and more will be answered whenever I think of more plot elements.

I took the entire 30 minutes to write this blog post.