Ideal Koala is the only post-romantic indie rock band in existence. We are a two-piece comprised of cello, drums, and voice. In addition to stealing that model from The Dresden Dolls, we are influenced by Emilie Autumn, The Guggenheim Grotto, and Patrick Wolf. If you are Twitter-inclined, we can be followed at @IdealKoala.

As for this half (cello/voice) of Ideal Koala…

I am a hermit who rambles way too much in order to get attention. Here are some attributes that may endear me to you:

  • I dropped out high school in order to go to college at age 16, then I dropped out of college for a year because no one knows what they want to be doing at age 17. Anyone who says that they did is lying.
  • I play the cello, sing, and sort of play the guitar. I also write music, and hopefully someday someone will pay me for this.
  • I average 4 cups of coffee and 3 cups of tea a day.
  • I am the daughter and granddaughter of two of the cast members of the movie Redneck Zombies. I am extremely proud of this.

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