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Glee sucks, and oops, it’s been a while

So once again I’ve taken a really long unintentional break from my blog. I blame this partly on Stephen Citron. I really wanted to have the second half of the review up(trust me, he gets worse), but I moved to the UK and the book and my notes on it haven’t arrived yet. And I suffered through the book for you, so you better appreciate the fact that I am shipping this monstrosity despite the fact that it will then be sitting in my room, staring at me, judging my usage of family rhymes. This post really is just to make myself start again, so I’ll be rambling slightly on whatever comes into my head (like I don’t normally).

So a year ago, I got into a habit of watching Glee and then ranting about it in order to de-stress. I mean, there’s just so much wrong with it. Yesterday’s episode was especially appalling. Aside from the rape joke, Blaine heading into attempted rape territory with no repercussions, and Artie suddenly sexually harassing everyone, again with no repercussions, I found the choreography for Uptown Girl (teacher comes in at around 40 seconds) incredibly creepy. I know this is mild compared to everything else on Glee, but the only reason this scene wasn’t creepy was because it is a TV show, and so they didn’t have the actress playing the young, attractive teacher look freaked out. So she’s alone in a hallway, and some students (The Warblers) are being loud, so she motions for them to be a bit quieter. The students not only ignore her request, they come out in the hallway, moving into her personal space, and eventually surrounding her. I find this a threatening action, and the general rapey-ness of the episode did not help. Even if it was another actor, someone who was not clearly picked to fill the sexy teacher/librarian outfit, I would still be nervous for their physical safety. The choreography was very confrontational, and again, the only things mitigating this were the script and the fact that Uptown Girl is the opposite of tough. (My dad refers to Uptown Girl as being written during Billy Joel’s “Boppin’ Billy” phase.)

Speaking of bad-to-mediocre music, I just discovered a vlogger called Todd in the Shadows, who reviews pop music and is excellent. Go watch him now. Though he’s way more internet famous than I am, so you probably already knew that.

Also, go see Patrick Wolf perform. I don’t care if you need to steal the TARDIS to do so, it’s worth it. I went on Halloween and it was mind-blowing. He slightly rearranged some pieces in order to flow into each other, and it made the concert that much better. Quite a few of some quieter songs(though not all) from his album were given more of a rock vibe when he played them live. This also helped with flow, as well as keeping momentum up throughout the concert. I do love the versions on the albums, but in a concert setting, I think this was probably a smart move. The back-up band was also incredible, especially the saxophonist/clarinetist/flautist. After Patrick Wolf, she was the most fun to watch.

Okay, so hopefully I’ll get back to focused posts soon.

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