My brain has a mean sense of humour

This morning, I decided that it was a good idea to get an extra hour of sleep and my brain decided it was an awesome idea to play a practical joke on me. Most things translated pretty well into the dream. I had getting up and getting my stuff together on my mind, so that’s what I was doing in my dream; I was cold and have been mad at the weather, which meant my sister was going through all of my clothes trying what to decide what to wear, and I was hungry, which meant that we were planning to go out to breakfast before my class. Somewhere in the chaos of my sister trying on my clothes and a T.V. that doesn’t exist talking to me(yay dreams), I asked my sister what time it was. Turns out, it was 15 minutes after Music Theory ended. Shortly after that, my real-life alarm clock went off, meaning that even as I write this blog post, I have still not missed Music Theory.

But it’s not just “oh, bad thing happens in dream, alarm goes off in real life” that makes me positive that my brain thought that this was hilarious. The alarm didn’t go off instantly after the realisation that I had missed my class. It went off after I had unleashed a two-minute stream of cursing, but before I turned on my sister about her wasting time with my clothes when she’d clearly been dressed when she arrived at my room. So at least my brain likes my sister enough to believe that even an imaginary version of her shouldn’t be sworn at.

12 minutes left.


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