Sure, why not?

So sometime in the past year I’ve gone from computer-competent to “oh, broken technology that I have no experience with? Sure, I can fix that with tools I’ve never used, why not?” and I’m not exactly sure when that happened. Don’t get me wrong, I have no delusions of being especially knowledgeable about any of this stuff, but the part of me that thinks it’s probably better to not mess with things I don’t understand has shut off.

So far it’s actually worked out pretty well. The job I somehow got in IT has taught me a bit more, and as always, Google is my friend. I haven’t destroyed anything yet. Don’t worry, next week I’m going to be using a soldering iron for the first time, so at least any destruction will be dramatic and not “darn you cats with your static electricity.”

And the best part is, I’m really enjoying it. Whenever I finish working on something, I feel smart and accomplished, no matter how trivial I know it is. I’ve decided to consider something in fixing technology(see, I know the field so well) as a third choice career, after musician and recording studio technician. I like how much working on computers and other technology makes sense, which is something I’ve really needed this past year. I like not being exactly clear on what I’m doing until I’m done with it, and I realise I’ve made the whole thing work out alright.

I forgot to put my timer on. I’m very sorry. I know that the timer is the only reason anyone reads this blog(when I actually post).


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