Pain, work, and congratulations

So I have gotten to the last month of the semester and my body has decided to self-destruct. For some reason my neck decided it would be fun to have a muscle spasm, so for the next few days I must hold my head slightly forward and to the left in order to avoid shooting pain. The tension from this has gone straight down my arms and into my hands, causing my right hand particularly to hurt. I have been fumbling around trying to do everything with my left hand. I really think my body just enjoys making me look like an idiot.

Pain aside, all I have been able to think these past couple of weeks is “whoa, I did it,” followed by a long mental lecture about how I am not done yet, so stop congratulating myself and get back to work, dammit! And I do have work. Interesting work. Work I avoid doing by writing blog posts about how I have interesting work to do. But be jealous. My school has frogs.

22 minutes left.


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