Monthly Archives: September 2010

Coffee + Internet > Life

So, contrary to my previous belief, coffee and the internet really does make everything better. I mean, I have always loved both, but I bought into the whole “isolation makes you lonely” and “coffee makes you jittery” thing. But want to know what I’ve discovered? 1) The internet is there to keep you company when you’d be lonely anyways, and 2) if you drink enough coffee, you will never be jittery again.

I’ve started reading a blog called xkcd sucks and enjoying it more than I thought I would. I do not hate xkcd. I quite like some of its strips. I do agree with this blog that it used to be better. (Also, do not buy xkcd’s “just shy” shirt if you think it will make people talk to you. Hair dye works much better. Though I do want a shirt that says “not shy, just antisocial, don’t talk to me” for the days when I am particularly anti-people.) I guess my main thought reading this blog is that it’s kind of nice reading well-written criticism and judging both the criticism and the comic for myself. I don’t do this kind of thing enough, and I should, with more than just webcomics, too.

I’m in a weird spot right now, because I thought I had the next 3 years completely planned out, but now I’m back to exploring my options. Also wishing that I wasn’t poor. But I really fail at sticking to plans. I have goals, but I keep coming up with new ways to reach them. I don’t think I’m in a place where I should just ignore these new ideas though, because I’m not completely convinced that the current plan is the best plan.

And now that I’ve written a kind of disjointed blog post, I will leave my lovely pyjamas and bed and go to class like a good girl.

12 minutes left.