Melancholy, Friends, and a Stuffed Guster(hopefully)

So this has been a crazy week. And despite the cheerful last two blog posts, it sucked. And so now I’m messing about with passports and citizenship and what not, and all of a sudden I’m writing again, but I still feel horribly unproductive. It would probably help if I actually put some of these lyrics to music.

But also this week has given me some whoa moments about people I know. Good whoas, and nothing to do with horses. Friends who I thought were grown far, far apart have just been busy, people who I thought were just acquaintances have proven much more supportive than I expected. And of course my close friends have been amazing, except for the one who is getting a surprise sometime this summer, and who I don’t want to give any hints to.

Also, I’ve had ideas for my favourite mime sheep. I want to make a plush Guster. He would be really cuddly. I also want to make him a picture book. Probably close to what his blog post was, but with lots more pictures and a bit more story. I know I can’t draw well, but I’ll go into marketing mode and say it is “charmingly simplistic” or something along those lines. The truth will be our little secret, okay?

Here’s hoping that things only get better.

19 minutes left.


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