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Evil, evil t-shirt transfers

So last night I learned never to follow the directions on pre-made t-shirt transfers. Most likely I will never get one again, either, but just in case I do, remind me that the instructions lie.

First I had the disastrous “Got Brains?” transfer failure on my zombie dress the night before. Not only did it not attach to the t-shirt, it tore in the process, and I was able to see that the parts were supposed to be black were really awful, small spots of grey on this yellowish white. If it had stuck, it would have looked awful. Fortunately, the dress was safe, and the attempt to put the transfer on did not leave a mark.

Yesterday I went with my mum to see if I could exchange the transfer for another. They said yes, so we went back to pick one. Their t-shirt section has really gotten horrible. The only transfers that were the same size and therefore the same price were for baby clothes, and though I regularly claim I’m five, I try to dress older than that. I mean, I never would have gotten my job if they suspected. We decided to get one of the few transfers that were aimed for people who do not approve of the bastardisation of the AC/DC logo and pay the difference.

I then spent 2 hours trying to get the transfer to stick. The instructions said to use a dry iron on the wool setting and press for 60 seconds. LIES! Half of the design I ended up peeling off the plastic, doing my best to arrange it on the shirt I was working on, and pressing it directly. The other half we managed to get with the iron on a linen setting, with steam, for longer than 60 seconds. I hate pre-made t-shirt transfers. Hate, hate, HATE. The whole ordeal took longer than it would for me to design my own and apply it. So if anyone feels nice towards me and wants to get me another t-shirt transfer, please just get the plain transfer paper used to design your own. Or, if you’re feeling nice and wealthy, the iron on foil.

Rant over. Thank you for letting me vent.

9 minutes left.


Zombie Punk

So I have a t-shirt obsession. Not a boring “I need to own a t-shirt for every musician/movie/tv show/etc I love” sort of thing, but a “Yay, cutting up t-shirts is fun” mentality. And I am currently making my very own zombie punk t-shirt dress.

Now before you get all excited, I do not mean to imply that there is a subculture of post-Twilight hipsters allowing their significant others to aim for their head(though that is something I would pay to see). “Zombie” and “Punk” are separate descriptors. The zombie comes from this kerchief that I’ve had for ages now. It’s from a movie my dad was in, and he gave to me. The movie’s title? Redneck Zombies. Yes dad, I am broadcasting that you were in this movie to the 3 people who actually read this. Don’t worry, mum already knew about it. But yes, this kerchief has become part of the dress. Also, I have a t-shirt transfer that says “Got Brains?” which really is perfect for this.

Punk is harder to describe, but trust me on this. Zombies combined with punk cannot go wrong. Hopefully my dress will be finished tonight and then be prepared for awesome pictures.

17 minutes left.

UPDATE: Pictures!

So the pictures came out really blurry and a bit low quality, but here is the dress! The “Got Brains?” transfer completely failed, and fell apart as soon as the iron touched it. I might put something else on, might not, but for now, I give you zombie punk.



Melancholy, Friends, and a Stuffed Guster(hopefully)

So this has been a crazy week. And despite the cheerful last two blog posts, it sucked. And so now I’m messing about with passports and citizenship and what not, and all of a sudden I’m writing again, but I still feel horribly unproductive. It would probably help if I actually put some of these lyrics to music.

But also this week has given me some whoa moments about people I know. Good whoas, and nothing to do with horses. Friends who I thought were grown far, far apart have just been busy, people who I thought were just acquaintances have proven much more supportive than I expected. And of course my close friends have been amazing, except for the one who is getting a surprise sometime this summer, and who I don’t want to give any hints to.

Also, I’ve had ideas for my favourite mime sheep. I want to make a plush Guster. He would be really cuddly. I also want to make him a picture book. Probably close to what his blog post was, but with lots more pictures and a bit more story. I know I can’t draw well, but I’ll go into marketing mode and say it is “charmingly simplistic” or something along those lines. The truth will be our little secret, okay?

Here’s hoping that things only get better.

19 minutes left.