Some guitar, devolving into non-sensical rambling, with a picture to make up for it

So I now own a guitar. It is a Fender Squier, and sounds amazing. It’s also blue. I’m hoping that I will figure out how to play it at some point. Today I played an E chord and was very proud of myself. Imagine, tomorrow I might learn a G chord…

Hmm…need a new topic…gah, I can’t in good conscience end the blog post with so little said. If I do, it’d be no different than a glorified facebook status.

Here comes the part of the blog where I say whatever comes into my head with no filtering. Woo, blog post, fill up the blog post. Everyday blog posts may have been a mistake. Ooh, flowers! They’re shedding more petals than they were. Maybe they got mad that I told the internet they were still all nice and pretty a month after I bought them. Maybe they thought I raised everyone’s expectations too much. Uh-oh, typo, got to fix that, dude, how fitting is it that I did a second typo on the word typo, fix that. I wonder why anyone bothers reading the Baltimore Sun anymore, it’s such a horrible newspaper. At some point I need to come up with the next Guster installment so that I can pretend to not be boring.

Okay, I’m sorry for that. Have a picture of the guitar to make up for it.


18 minutes left.


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