Monthly Archives: February 2010

Been lazy, but have some pretty pictures

So this is why me and blogs don’t mix. At some point I’ll think, nah I don’t wanna do this right now, I’ll do it tomorrow. And sometimes tomorrow turns into three weeks. If I’m lucky. Which apparently I am. Whether you are lucky or not depends on how much torture it is for you to read this. I would like to point out at this moment that my friends and family are not required to read this, they will just be guilt tripped if they don’t.

So anyways, three weeks. I had a birthday, which I tried to ignore, but no one let me. No matter what they say, I’m still 5. There were two huge snowstorms, one the day before my non-birthday party, the other a few days later. Have a snow picture. Those lumps you see? Those are cars.


This is our car. Notice the branch that decided to become its hat.


There were also some monster icicles outside my window. As I was obsessed with taking pictures of them, they will be at the bottom.

So I have decided to learn to play the electric guitar, once I save the money to buy a beginner one, and an amp., so probably in a month. I was playing around with one in a music store a month or so ago, trying out distortion pedals, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking of it since. And before anyone asks, no, I do not play acoustic guitar. I have tried, but was never really into it, and the neck felt too thick for my hand. Those two combined meant I didn’t practice, which resulted in me forgetting everything I learned. My dad is amazing for never getting tired of showing me the same chords every time I picked up a guitar. Hopefully soon I won’t feel like my arms are useless when I perform.

Anyways, icicle pictures!




7 minutes and 50 seconds.